Do you know a child who…

  • Is having difficulty with reading or math?
  • Is receiving failing grades in school?
  • Shows behavioral problems?
  • Is having trouble paying attention in class?
  • Is unable to keep up with schoolwork?
  • Hates going to school?
  • Is having trouble learning letter names and sounds?
  • Is disorganized and doesn’t complete work?
  • Appears unhappy much of the time?
  • Doesn’t understand what he or she reads?
  • Has trouble remembering or following directions?
  • Daydreams during class?

A psychoeducational or psychological assessment can help answer these and other questions. Contact us TODAY to find out more!

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testingGreenridge Counseling Center offers testing to help families identify and solve problems that may be preventing a child from reaching her/his full potential. Our services provide comprehensive assessments and evaluations for a wide range of psychological and behavioral issues/concerns for all age ranges at affordable rates. Greenridge Counseling Center offers full-battery testing, including components such as cognitive, behavioral, memory, mood, academic achievement, and executive functioning.

Our Advantage
Greenridge Counseling Center takes a person-centered approach to care, starting by interviewing parents/guardians to learn about the child’s background and academic history. We run a full battery of tests, not just a screening, and provide a comprehensive report with suggestions for next steps (treatment, education plans, etc.). Our evaluations are available at affordable rates on a sliding scale, and we accept several forms of payment.
  • All tests are performed under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.
  • Timely appointments – we can see you within a week of referral!
  • We assess all individuals from 12-months old to adulthood.
  • We address both clinical and educational concerns.

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Greenridge Counseling Center has provided behavioral healthcare for over 40 years.  We provide treatment services for children, adolescents, and adults, including:

  • Individual therapy and counseling, including cognitive behavioral therapy and other techniques
  • Group therapy and counseling, including topics like social skills, bullying, and grief
  • Family therapy, parenting techniques
  • Autism treatment
  • Specialized recommendations and treatment plans for school and home

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